DECLARE Variables in SQL Server: One Big Statement vs Many Small Statements

I heard that one big DECLARE statement is better than a plenty of small statements. I tried to check which approach is really better. To find the answer I’ve created two stored procedures OneBigDeclare and ManySmallDeclare. Also I’ve written a simple test that executes 100 cycles. Each cycle executes each stored procedure 10 thousand times.

All source codes can be downloaded fromĀ declare_execution_test

My results
Average execution time of a cycle:
OneBigDeclare – 165.62ms
ManySmallDeclare – 171.12ms

It seems that one big DECLARE statement is better for just 3.3%. But when you look at the graph of cycle’s execution time you see that it’s not always true. On X axis is the sequence number of a cycle, on the Y axis is the execution time in milliseconds.

Declare test - execution time graph

So I can’t prove that one big DECLARE statement is really better.

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