Code First. Executing Stored Procedures

Entity Framework can execute stored procedures in SQL Server. For example, I have a simple stored procedure as following:

In Code First model this can be done by different ways depending on whether you want to get a resultset from a stored procedure.

1. SqlQuery (returning a resultset)


If you need to pass a parameters, you need to add a parameter name after the name of stored procedure and supply SqlParameter. The command will be like this:

[UPDATE 2016-08-24]
SqlQuery returns a collection of type System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.DbRawSqlQuery.

2. ExecuteSqlCommand (no resultset)

If you want to execute a stored procedure or an SQL command that won’t return a result set, you can call this function.

3. Low-level methods through ObjectContext

There’s an excellent article on MSDN Stored Procedures with Multiple Result Sets that describes how to get a couple of resultsets with the help of Database.Connection.CreateCommand and ObjectContext.Translate.

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