Querying Entity Model. Part 6 – Implementing WHERE EXISTS

This time I’ll show how we can select data from one entity when there’s a dependency on the other entity based on two or more fields. This Entity Framework LINQ query is the equivalent of the SQL query in the form of SELECT … WHERE EXISTS.

I use the same Clients and Phones entities, and I want to find all clients that have phone number in their home countries, i.e. if John is from USA and he has a U.S. phone, not Canadian or Mexican number.

The LINQ query has lambda syntax and is quite simple.

I use Any() function to get a boolean result – if there’s a record that would satisfy the conditions in Where clause.

T-SQL query will be the following:

Yeah, Entity Framework has made a SELECT … WHERE EXISTS command with two conditions on ClientId and CountryCode, but…
Do you notice that T-SQL query has an additional comparison where both Codes are null? It’s a feature of Entity Framework I’ll tell about in my next post Comparison: Entity Framework vs C#. When Equality Operators Are Not Equal.

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