Extracting DACPAC From SQL Server Database With PowerShell

Working with SQL Server Data Tools I’ve faced with a demand to extract data-tier application many times. One of the appropriate solution is to use PowerShell script to extract the database to .dacpac file. Thanks to Gianluca Sartori, he gave a good script to extract DACPAC from all databases (see here).

Based on his script, I’ve did some modification to make it work with SQL Server 2014. I’ve found that I have 3 versions of sqlpackage.exe (110, 120 and 130). So the script looks for the latest one and run it.

Here is the final script:

To execute this script, run SQL Server PowerShell (sqlps) and type one of the following commands (they are identical, but use slight different syntax):

  • extract_dacpac.ps1 "(local)" Clients
  • extract_dacpac.ps1 -server "(local)" -database Clients

If everything is OK, you’ll see the progress of execution.
Extract DACPAC from database

PowerShell script can downloaded as zip file from this link extract_dacpac

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