My #sqlweek 2015 with PASS Europe

It’s just 2 weeks before my fantastic #sqlweek, the grand tour in Europe that will last from one SQL Saturday to another SQL Saturday. But the days between them won’t be less amazing.

To say shortly, I’ll cross 7 countries, speak at 2 SQL Saturday conferences and 4 user group meetings. The schedule will be very intensive:

  • Saturday, August 29 – SQL Saturday Oslo
  • Monday, August 31 – Wroclaw, Poland
  • Tuesday, September 1 – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Wednesday, September 2 – Gent, Belgium
  • Thursday, September 3 – Berlin, Germany
  • Saturday, September 5 – SQL Saturday Göteborg, Sweden

The only exception from this list is Paris, France, where I’ll spend a night waiting for a flight to my home.

That will be a hard week full of meetings, presentations, transfers and changing places. Almost every day I’ll have an air flight to reach the next point. From the other side, it will bring a lot of new impressions, the acquaintance with ancient European cities, and new friends. Even these days are the days of my vacation for this year, I suppose it will a very good time. And I hope I’ll never regret that I’m trying to do something unusual, something exciting.

I’d like to say some kind words to all who organizes these conferences and meetings. Without you, without your response, your help and advice I could not make such a cool tour in one week.

Also I want to thank SQL PASS and its leaders for their energy. Without PASS, all PASS events and PASS groups and societies it will be extremely hard to find a way to communicate with a foreign colleagues to organize meetings. It’s great that I’m a part of PASS movement, and this participation also helps me to make something great.

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