Windows 8.1 Touchpad Driver for ASUS Notebooks

I’m working on Asus K53sd notebook. After upgrade to Windows 8.1 (mainly to use Hyper-V) I’ve faced some problems with touchpad – I can’t disable it in gracious manner except disabling it totally at driver settings level. I’ve tested all drivers that are listed on product support page. Beside that I could not disable touchpad when I plugg in a mouse.

It took me some time to find the right link. It’s a page devoted to touchpad. And it really works!

I don’t know why they did not include it in product page. Maybe it’s a question for some scientists šŸ˜‰

Link to Asus touchpad driverĀ

Hope the driver for Windows 10 will be there…

[UPDATE 2016-05-31]
That’s incredible, but Asus had changed the search engine, so the link above does not find anything. But Elantech driver for Windows 8.1 was found on another pageĀ

The direct link for versionĀ isĀ

I’ve installed it on Windows 10, and yes, Fn + F9 disables notebook touchpad.

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